Who is MIVOX?

MIVOX was founded in 2017 by a clique of tech savvy people. We strive at making ergonomic, practical products without overlooking style and fashion trends.

Our maiden product was a multi-situational smart wrist-band. It has a smooth, curved glass surface

displaying digital time and step-count. Furthermore, it also shows the hydration levels of the skin of the wearer. The curved design of the glass surface was aimed at making the smart wrist-band waterproof.

The smart wrist-band comes in 3 attractive colours: Black, white and a light hue of pink.. Our idea garnered a lot of attention and financial support from a crowd-funding campaign where we helped explain and introduce our upcoming product. Unfortunately, after the delivery of the first shipment to our sponsors; we decided to discontinue its manufacturing. The main reasons are: the high cost of production and competition from rivals that provide more practicality and lower prices.

We never gave up. We have launched a second product; the Endless TWS Earphone with

Chargeable Sport Neck Band (MIVOX). Wireless earphones are gaining popularity with the introducing of the Airpods pro by Apple. Wireless earphones come with a major hurdle; they have a really short battery life. The small size of it makes it impossible to add a bigger battery within its casing. Our engineers came up with a revolutionary idea of adding an external battery that would be as portable as the earphones. Keeping this in mind, we have created the magnetic necklace charger. Charging the earphones would in no way affect user experience and would just be a click away. Also, the necklace has been designed to hold the earphones by means of a strong magnetic buckle when not in use. The user would be able to perform strenuous physical tasks without dropping the earphones. Interested backers from Kickstarter (  a crowd funding platform) helped us take the first step of creation. If you missed the opportunity to support us through crowd-funding, please consider buying coupons here.

That was our story, do tell us yours.


MIVOX TEAM Oct, 2019